Appendix C
Open 4WD, CRS-2, CRS-5 Class Rules

Open class cars are divided into four classes. Vehicles that are built to be capable of operating in four-wheel drive mode will be placed in Open Lite or Open 4wd class and cannot compete in CRS-2 or CRS-5. Two-wheel drive cars that were NOT designed to operate in four-wheel drive will be placed in either CRS-2 or CRS-5 and can not compete in Open Lite or Open 4wd. The table of adjustment multipliers below will be used to determine a vehicle’s adjusted displacement. All factors that apply to a given vehicle will be used. For example, a front wheel drive car with a 2.0L, 4-valve engine with variable cam timing would have a total multiplier of 1.32 (based on 1.2 * 1.1), producing an adjusted displacement of 2640cc.. Eligible vehicles with an adjusted displacement of no greater than 2650 cc will be placed in CRS-2 while those above 2650 cc will be placed in CRS-5.

Rotary engines 1.8
Forced induction 1.6
4 valves per cylinder 1.2
3 valves per cylinder 1.1
Variable cam timing 1.1
Rear wheel drive 0.9
Diesel Engine 0.8
Pushrod Engine 0.8