2012 BOG Meeting Minutes


Torrance CA, Nov 17, 2012



Michel Hoche-Mong, Mike & Paula Gibeault, Eddie Fiorelli, Erik Christiansen, Tom Smith, Kris & Christine Marciniak, Ray & Donna Hocker, Jim Robison, Jayson Woodruff


Attending via conference phone:

Dick Rockrohr, Rob Blout, Brent Ellzey, Phil Stewart-Jones,


1.      Membership Officer (Christine Marciniak)

·         During the Membership Officer report there was a discussion related to encouraging CRS membership.  As a result some organizers may offer a rebate to CRS members in the future.


·         It was agreed to give Christine “Registrar Access” to the volunteer database (for events using RallyData), so she can send a reminder email to those competitors who are not CRS members.


·         It was decided to add a notation to entry lists for those competitors who are CRS members.  This will help the membership officer as well as the press officer.


2.      Webmaster (Eddie Fiorelli)

·         It was decided to move the Rally School Link to the top of CRS page until after the school.


·         Eddie is seeking input on alternative layout ideas for the CRS website to allow him to include more content.


·         Eddie and Mike agreed to an action to develop a way to coordinate CRS and RallyData databases



3.      Press Liaison Report (Erik Christiansen)

·         It was decided to again do the color post cards (budget up to $300)


·         It was decided to start sending Erik’s CRS Articles and the current Standings to all CRS members via email.


·         Erik will consider sending selected articles to Grass Roots Motorsports magazine.


·         Erik will start sending press releases to Dusty Times


·         It was decided to form a CRS PR team to try to develop competitor profiles for the web site (Erik, Paula, Eddie & Kris are initial members).  Those interested in joining the team should contact  Erik at <echristiansen@exponent.com>


4.      Sponsorship Liaison (Donna Hocker)

·         Mike and Michel agreed to start the process of formalizing sponsorship pricing (Web Site, Rulebook, series etc)


5.      BOG Officers for 2012  (Michel Hoche-Mong)

·         While Michel Hoche-Mong and Tom Smith agreed to continue in their positions for 2013, per CRS rules the BOG is seeking any other additions to the ballot for Director and Competitor Liaison. We will also be seeking candidates for RX Liaison for 2013.

6.      Banquet plans  (Michel Hoche-Mong & Christine Marciniak )

  • Christine agreed to create an invitation for the CRS banquet to be emailed to the CRS membership.


7.      Rulebook plans  (Mike Gibeault)

  • It was decided to again print 600 rule books.


  • Ad copy for the cover will be due by Jan 1 for the cover, all other ad copy will be due by Jan 7.


  • Kris agreed to do the cover.


8.      Rulebook changes for 2013 (Mike Gibeault)

  • It was decided to change BOG membership for event organizers to be year by year (the year the event is scheduled).  This will be done by eliminating the following text:  “plus the following year”


9.      RallyCross Championship Review (Phil Stewart-Jones)

·         It was decided to revise the CRS RallyCross classes to facilitate correlation with events that run the SCCA RX classes.  A summary of the new CRS classes is shown below:

·         CRS Stock Classes will adopt the rules of the SCCA Stock Classes.  This allows competitors use a cat back exhaust, and use aftermarket air filter elements, brake pads, ABS, clutch disc, wheels (stock diameter & width), shocks, sway bars, lights, roll cage, skid plate, latches.  In addition any DOT tires are allowed as long as they don’t say “For competition only” or “Not for street use”.  Studs are not allowed.  See section 6.2.C of the SCCA RallyCross rules for details.  There will be two CRS Stock Classes – 2wd and 4wd.

·         CRS Rally Classes will include SCCA Prepared and SCCA Modified Classes.  This includes vehicles with modifications beyond what is allowed in the Stock Classes or vehicles that are using Rally Tires.  There will two CRS Rally Classes – 2wd and 4wd,

·         So in summary there will be four CRS RX classes for 2013: Stock 2wd, Stock 4wd, Rally 2wd and Rally 4wd.


·         It was also decided to give year-end awards to the top 3 in a newly created CRS Overall RX Championship.  The overall CRS RX Championship will award points in all classes recognized by each CRS RX event, giving the top CRS member in each class 100 points.  Those who DNF will be awarded 10 points.   All other CRS finishers will be awarded points based on their percentile within the CRS members in the class (relative to the 100 and 10 point boundaries).  So a class with 3 CRS member entrants would receive 100, 70 and 40 points for first, second and third.  A class with 9 CRS member entrants would receive 100, 90, 80 etc for first, second, third etc.


  • It was decided to drop the North and South RX Championships and instead have a single RX Championship


10.  Rallycross Calendar for 2013  (Phil Stewart-Jones)

·         There  are currently five events on the CRS RX calendar for 2013


·         Feb 17, Ridgecrest RX

·         March 17, Glen Helen RX

·         May 5, HDT RX (Ridgecrest)

·         Sept 8, Glen Helen RX

·         Dec 8, Glen Helen RX

11.  Rally Championship Review

  • It was decided to drop the CRS GT Class and replace it with a CRS Open Lite.  The CRS Open Lite rules will be based on the RA Open Lite rules.  The details of the CRS Open Lite Class will be determined prior to January, by a committee including Ray, Michel & Mike and possibly others.


  • CRS-5 currently has very low participation.  After discussion of the available options the BOG was leaning toward combining CRS-5 with Open 4wd for 2014 if participation in CRS-5 remains low. For 2013 the class will remain unchanged.



12.  Rally Calendar for 2013 (Mike)

  • In developing the CRS Rally Calendar it was decided to have the objective of having at least 3 dead weekends between CRS Rallies.  Having only 2 dead weekends between CRS Rallies will only be allowed with the approval of all the events involved.


  • The 2013 Rally Calendar will be:


·         May 4, HDT, Ridgecrest, CA (3)

·         June 7-9, Idaho Rally, Boise, ID (1, 3, 2)

·         July 20, Mendocino Rally, Ukiah, CA (3)

·         Aug 24, Gorman Ridge Rally, Frazier Park, CA (3)

·         Oct 4-5, Prescott Rally, Prescott, AZ (2, 3)


13.  Stock Class Chairman report (Brent Ellzey)

  • It was decided that the Stock Class Chairman will now have a vote at event stock class meetings.


14.  Rally Equipment Manager (Paula Gibeault)

  • It was decided to authorize purchasing five replacement Masano batteries for a cost not to exceed $145.


  • Jon Rood has taken over the maintenance of the CRS Masano clocks.  It was decided to offer Jon a free ad on either the web site or the rulebook in appreciation of his efforts.


15.  It was decided to form a CRS Software/Database Tech Team.  Initially this will include Michel, Eddie, Mike & Kris.  Those interested in joining the CRS Tech Team should contact Michel at: <hoche@grok.com>  Projects will include:


·         Web site configuration management


·         Migration of the CRS membership database to the CRS website and database


·         Other programming and database projects for the benefit of CRS.